Mindful Coaching is where Mindfulness and Coaching meet. This adds a whole new dimension, where you reach a deeper understanding of the issue on which you want Coaching and greater degree of clarity about just how much choice you have to change the things you really want to change.

Our Mindfulness practices and techniques are tailored to your situation, which will build a flexible and enduring resource, giving you greater calm, focus and perspective. With a new perspective you can face challenges and solve problems with a higher degree of insight and effectiveness. 

Our Coaching embodies this ‘Mindful’ approach, which creates space for you to look at things afresh and free yourself from habitual patterns of thought. The impact of Mindful Coaching goes far beyond the Coaching programme.

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The Choices of Maturity & Character

Everyone of us is on a journey of maturity and growth in our lives, the pace of our growth is different depending on the speed at which we grow out of habits, beliefs and attitudes which do not serve us and into ones which do.

The only thing we have control over in life is how we choose to respond and react to situations in life. Life is lived inside out, not outside in. 

Please download our free workbook and information sheet on the Choices of Maturity & Character and allow yourself to reflect on these.

Our emotional and mental well-being isn’t the result of the things that happen to us in the outside world. This is why it’s important to become aware of the extent of the choices we have on a minute by minute basis.

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